Installation and maintenance of some of the leading brands in the industry, with cloud based backup and remote access solutions.
"It is always a pleasure to work with 2 Technical. Their contribution has provided a very positive momentum and I highly recommend them to every company that wants to grow with confidence. "
Josh Donald
Director - South West Holiday Parks

You’re in safe hands with our experts

Our team specializes in helping you choose the best CCTV system, with a range of options for your business needs. We provide expert installation services to ensure a stress-free process, and our reliable systems offer peace of mind.

Protect what matters to you

CCTV can be used to protect your business by providing you with both a visible deterrent and views of key or vulnerable areas. It also helps in crime prevention, reducing vandalism and prosecution if required. Additionally, it can be used as a fantastic management tool and may reduce your insurance premiums. By monitoring employee productivity and behavior, it can enhance employee performance and reduce employee-related incidents. CCTV cameras also provide camera footage for evidence in case of any criminal or legal matter. They help in handling disputes and enhancing customer experience by resolving any issues or complaints

Remote access & Backup

Our CCTV solutions offer remote monitoring of your installation from anywhere in the world. The systems use Internet connectivity allowing you to monitor live or recorded images of your home or business from any device with an internet connection. 

Our offsite backup solution through the use of Videoloft also ensures that should the worst happen to your asset your video footage is recorded elsewhere and accessible.

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